Let’s Copy One Another

A few friends told me yesterday that they’re incorporating ideas from my style into their design, and I love that! I say, let’s copy one another, because, more than likely, I’ve copied the idea too!

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Like my friends, we get inspiration from blogs and social media posts. That’s why I share so readily the updates I’m making. I aim to inspire. Recently, I even did a “shop my style” kind of post with links to retailers.

On the topic of social media, I know that it’s a struggle for some of my sisters out there. They recognize social media’s loss of value in their lives when negative self-talk replaces inspired thought. A comparison mindset occurs and left unchecked, jealousy can grow. No one wants a heart full of bitterness, so it’s easier to remove the temptation than to scroll beautiful images assessing what someone else has in light of what you lack.

I’m all for promoting mental and emotional health, so if disengagement is a needed action step to get the heart in alignment with God’s, then kudos to the woman who does so! That’s some awesome self-awareness and taking ownership of the thought life and emotional patterns.

I hope we also can have a balanced view of the images streaming into our daily lives. Social media isn’t bad (although it can be used with harmful intent). And if we personally lack God’s peace, then we may find social media serving only as a catalyst for a contemptuous attitude. I mention God’s peace because through his saving and restoring work in our lives we find true contentment. Life does not consist of the things we own. Or the drinks we consume. Or the size clothing we wear. Or the trips we take. Life stems from within, and a heart of peace creates the most beautiful life ever lived.

So, I approach social media platforms like I do an art gallery. I’m looking for a glimpse of something not yet seen- something captured that will strike my eyes freshly and plant a wondrous thought in my head. I’m looking to be inspired as I finely tune the style I’m aiming for in this current season. And I regularly need some good, old-fashioned how-to tips! Thank you Pinterest and YouTube!

Keep the posts coming! I’m loving your newly created order and your lived in spaces. I love your family in motion and your attempts to rest. I love your thought-provoking words of wisdom and your genuine expressions of emotional upheaval. If I catch your post requesting prayer, I’ll do so. If you’re celebrating your love or a win, I’m over here celebrating too.

Help me out with the plethora of benefits I failed to mention! How is social media impacting you for good? How are you using it for good? And how are you keeping watch over your use of it so that it doesn’t become abused? And what else is on your mind in relation to social media? I’m genuinely asking for your input because I know you have something I need to copy!




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  1. Laura Spiers says:

    I am currently scoping Pinterest and Houzz for inspo for my bedroom. I am just STUCK there. Something is gonna hit me tho!! I don’t think I have too much issue with over use of social media. But I did just lose my streak on YouVersion😭


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