Adding Houseplants

For some reason, I get the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, and this month’s cover highlights adding plants to home décor. All of the potted trees are in woven baskets, and various stands give some of the trees and houseplants a prominent place in the display.

I’ve been adding more baskets to my style, and I like the vibe it brings to the home. The look is finished, but still casual if that makes sense!

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree pictured above appears to be a fast grower and I’m looking forward to the day it takes center stage in our family room.


I added a basket to Ollie even though he sits on a cabinet in the entryway. I like the way the colors of his basket play off the painted colors of the oyster shell.

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Not to talk bad about this precious Olive Tree, but his growth has been slow, and I’m starting to think a summer on the pool deck might do him some good.

To finish off the greenery downstairs, I have a succulent and a rubbery tropical houseplant in the kitchen. The beloved kokedama was handcrafted by yours truly at a workshop I attended last year.

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This is the first time showing my guest room where I placed an additional Fiddle Leaf Fig in front of a sunny window. I plan to take it downstairs where it won’t be forgotten. If I’m a good hostess, a vase of fresh flowers will greet future guests in place of the potted tree.


Back to Better Homes & Gardens: the article states that plants like better living in clusters than in singularity. (Oops!) According to Lisa Eldred Steinkopt, a plant expert, the humidity levels increase when plants are in close proximity with one another, which makes them happier.

I’d love to hear from you- do you have a lush garden growing with success?



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Girl, I used to love house plants and had tons of them. But honestly, in the child rearing years I found them to be something else that needed tending to. In more recent years I have found that a certain place in my house is really great for orchids, but I have paired that down to one hahah! But it still blooms!! All other greenery around my home is FAKE!! Low maintenance… That said you have inspired to add some real plants in the mix.

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