Hey there! Do you love all things home? Are you looking for ways to update your style?

Here at Renee Beamer Harbor & Home, we love discovery and know that it’s a process and not necessarily a destination. We aim to live in the moment and not delay gratitude until the day our home looks like a Fixer Upper reveal. Follow our blog if your goal is the same!

And just because we love all things home doesn’t mean that we’re homebodies! We regularly share our adventuring here and know that travel blogging inspires all of us readers to dream.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have been infatuated with the idea of home. It’s a good thing, because I am married to a home builder who comes from a family of home builders. We currently live in our seventh Beamer-built home! Seriously! We think this one may be the last one…


Pull up a chair and let’s swap stories and dreams.


Live simply. Live fully.

I’m currently in a season of creating that reminds me of words I spoke years ago. I told a dear friend, “I’m more Renee than I have ever been!” Talk about being comfortable in your own skin! It’s all coming from some recent inspiration to create home décor accentuating the modern farmhouse style I love.


I’m totally excited about the 2018 release of my new 90- day devotional for women, You Are More Than You Know and the way it will be launched! All the comfort of home and the security of our identity come together in my uniquely designed living room booth for a craft show later this year. The book is in the editing stage of development, and the Winter Soulstice product line is in production!


Sign up to follow Renee Beamer Harbor & Home and stay up-to-date on product development and the book release! But before you leave today, I’d like to know what currently inspires you? Drop in with a comment below and let me know you were here!




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