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I’m thrilled to share with you the cover of my new devotional for women, You Are More Than You Know. This book has been a long-term project of mine, and seeing it manifest does my heart some happy!

I believe all women deal with a measure of insecurity. I wrote this devotional for us to look at what we’re perceiving about ourselves to be true, and what God’s Word has to say about the matter. I’ve included thirty different New Testament truths that help us to reframe our identity and sense of worth. Each daily reading concludes with a challenge to put faith into practice.

My goal ultimately is for the Lord Jesus to be glorified, and for his body to be healthy and functioning in the unity he gives us. I pray for each Daughter of the King to know her true and eternal worth according to the Scriptures and to walk freely and fully alive with great purpose.

If you know a woman who battles insecurity, I would love for you to get a copy into her hands. Click here for the Amazon link. The Preview pages online offer a look at Day One, so if you give it a read and want to leave a review, I would greatly appreciate it! In addition, the start of 2019 will bring an opportunity for the online community of Where Daughters Dwell to unpack together our full potential in Christ. Hope you come along!


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